September 29, 2013

August 20, 2013

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WOW. Thank you for sharing our story with the world. As of Monday night, the number is still growing.


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We have a page set up on and need TEAM MEMBERS! Please view the page and sign up to join the team! With all of us together we can make some great things happen for Chris and Myles.

Thanks in advance!

August 19, 2013

Bank of Desoto

Christopher and Myles White Fund
Bank of DeSoto
2011 N. Hampton
DeSoto, TX 75115
Any bank employee can assist you with your donation.
We appreciate your support of this DeSoto ISD family!



#chrisismyhero #chrisandmyleswhite 

August 18, 2013

My Hero-Part Two

Yesterday I told you all the story of my little brother Chris S. White and how he became my hero. Chris took two bullets to save our 10 year old brother Myles White life and 3 year old nephew Cohlin life. On August 7, 2013 a gunman (who was...
my mothers ex husband) threw a hand grenade through our back window then broke in and shot my mother, sister, and little brother Chris . My mother and sister were did not survive the incident, but as the gunman approached my 10 year old brother and 3 year old nephew Chris threw himself in front of the gun moving Myles' head out of the aim of the barrel and forced the shooter to hit him twice (we're so blessed that he had ran out of bullets afterwards). Just like I said yesterday, Chris had so much going for himself before this incident took place. He was a straight A student, played basketball for his middle school (Desoto West), played in the band for his school, love to draw, love to dance, and hang out with his friends; like any other ordinary teenager his potential was limitless. He was willing to give his own life to save his little brother's and nephew's life. Unfortunately one of the bullets hit his spinal cord and the doctors are unsure if we will be able to walk again, but I believe that he WILL walk again and he WILL be able to play basketball with me again, and that we both have nothing but faith in God to grant us this miracle. I know that with faith God heals all things, and that through prayer anything is possible. Although it hurts so bad that I had to lose my mother and sister .... My faith is secured every time I see my little brothers Chris and Myles. When Chris made it into this hospital there was little hope he would survive now he is a favorite of all the nurses in the trauma unit. It is because of Chris that our baby brother and nephew survived this horrific event. The strength it has taken him to fight through everyday is tremendous, but unfortunately at times he still gets a little discourage. I told him how many people "liked," "shared," and "commented" on the first post and he smiled for the first time as he asked me "Do they really think I'm a hero?" Though the healing process is slow and we are taking it day by day I can't help but to thank Chris and Myles words can't explain how much I love you two and Chris .... you are my hero little bro.
R.I.P to my mama Zee Lydia and sister Neima Williams

Much Love